Cory Ledoux Offers Nutritional Counseling With Sample Meal Plan (Based on Kcal needs): 

  •      Individual = $85/Hour
  •      Individual with Follow-Up = $110/Hour with a 30 minute follow up
  •      2 or More = $70/Hour
  •      2 or More with Follow-Up = $95/Hour with a 30 minute follow up


  •      Detailed Assessment with Nutritional Needs Recommendations
  •      Body Mass Index, Ideal Body Weight
  •      Helpful Printouts
  •      Sample Meal Plans
  •      Recipes 



Background: I am from a little town called Eunice. After graduating from Eunice High, I attended LSUE. Soon afterwards, I moved to Lafayette where I completed my Degree in dietetics at the (U.L.L) University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I was accepted to the dietetic program in Hammond at North Oaks Medical Center (NOMC) in June of 2012, and graduated in June 2013. I became a registered dietitian in 2015. I am also a NASM certified personal trainer with a fitness nutritional specialist and corrective exercise specialist credential.

Interests and Hobbies: I have a passion for life and health. I love the mountains in the wintertime, because snowboarding is one of my absolute favorite outdoor activities! I enjoy cooking and EATING, as well as riding bikes and going to the beach whenever possible. I think keeping it simple is just as relaxing, whether it’s having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop with a book, or watching a movie with my wife, I can enjoy my time just as easily.

Education: Graduated from the (U.L.L) University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BS in Dietetics.

Certification: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), FNS, CES, CPR, AED

Experience: I’ve trained clients one-on-one in health clubs and their homes as well as patients at NOMC in the cardiac rehab center. I also have experience with nutritional counseling in a clinical setting for the ill, as well as at a wellness center for the ones who wanted to prevent illness.

Expert Training In: Strength and muscle gain, wt loss, health and nutritional education and information/guidance, as well as helping De-conditioned men and women attain a better quality of life.