Group Strength and Conditioning Classes


Sozo Complete Fitness Group Strength and Conditioning is a group intrval training class combining different movements and modalities to challenge and change you inside and out.

Our Training is unconventional, but based on research and experience. You might never have done what we may ask you to do. You might sweat more than you ever have. You might swear. And you might just walk out taller and more confident than you walked in our doors. 

                                                                  Expect to be challenged

When you train with us, you can expect to be challenged by a variety of safe and effective movements and equipment. We may even challenge your ideas and beliefs to what health and fitnesss means to you. One class might use TRX suspension trainers, jump ropes, heavy weights, resistance bands and weighted sleds, while another class might only use body resistance.

Regardless of what type of training session is on the schedule, you can be assured that every class will be coached by an experienced fitness expert and will be encouraged, educated, motivated and supported the entire time you are here, Members are encouraged to work within their level and modifications are provided for various fitnesslevels.

                                          We believe everyone has the potential for greatness.

We believe this so strongly that we will never stop challenging you

When you're ready, we will always hand you bigger weights, encourage you to move faster, and ask you to give more. 

Whatever your goals, our group classes will allow you to build the strength to achieve them, whether you want to, play in a weekend league, keep up with your kids/grand kids,or live a healthy, active life.